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All-in-One Energy Storage System

All-in-One Energy Storage System

5kW + 10.1kWh

Hisen Power single-phase all-in-one system that combines DC and AC coupled systems. Provide energy storage function for grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, increase photovoltaic capacity (including PV2).

It not only has a beautiful appearance, compact design and easy installation, but also has complete performance, supporting 10kw photovoltaic input, 5kw load and 5kw battery charging.

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All-in-One ESS Manufacturer

All-in-One Energy Storage System

  • 10 ~ 60kWhCapacity

  • 97.3% Battery and System Efficiency

  • 200% PV Input
  • Cloud BMS, Intelligent SOC, SOH
  • Grade A Cells Ensure 8000+ Lifespan
  • Easy Installation, Plug and Play
  • 10 Years Performance Warranty

  • Indoor and Outdoor Installation

All-in-One Energy Storage System

Technical Specifications

  • Inverter Model
  • Battery Model
  • System
PV Input
Max. PV Input Power:10kWMax. PV Input Voltage:580V
MPPT Voltage Range:100~550VMax. Input Current:15A/15A
Max. Short Circuit Current:18.75A/18.75AMPPT Trackers:2
Strings Per MPP Trackers:1/1

AC Port
Rated Grid Output Power:5kVA/4.6kVA(DE)Max. Grid Input Power:10kVA
Rated Grid / Backup Voltage:230VacRated Grid / Backup Frequency:50/60Hz
Grid Voltage Range:180~270VacRated Grid Frequency:50/60Hz
Max. Backup Power:10kVA/10kWTHDi:<3%
THDv:<3% (Linear Load) / <5%(Non-linear Load)DCV:<100mV
Crest Ratio:3:01:00Transfer Time:<10ms
Max. Efficiency:97.3%Round Trip Efficiency:90%
General Data
Operating Temperature:-20~60℃Topology:Transformerless
Load Monitoring:Meter / CT / Backup boxExternal Communication:RS-485 / WIFI / 4G / Ethernet
Safety Regulation:IEC 62109-1&2,IEC 62477Protection Degree:IP65
Grid Regulation:CEI 0-21, VDE 4105-AR-N, VDE 0126-1-1, EN 50438, G99, G100, AS4777.2, NRS 097, EN 50549, C10/C11, UNE, UTE, NCRfG/PTPiREE
Battery Model
BatteryType:LFPBattery Capacity:10.1kWh
Usable Capacity:9.7kWhDepth of Discharge (DoD):95%
Nominal Battery Voltage:96VOperating Voltage Range :90~108V
Max. Charging Current:52.5AMax. Discharging Current:52.5A
Operating Temperature:Charge:0<T<50℃ / Discharge:-10<T<50℃Parallel:1~6
Cycle Lifetime :8000Communication:CAN / RS-485 (Optional)
Dimensions (W*H*D):590×750×205mmWeight:90kg
Safety Regulation:IEC 62619, IEC 62040Transportation:UN38.3

Operating Altitude:≤4000mRelative Humidity:0~95% (No Condensing)
Protection Degree:IP65Cooling:Natural Convection
Noise:<30dBWarranty:5 years / 10 years (optional)
EMC:EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4

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