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Meet Hisen Power All-In-One ESS

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Meet Hisen Power All-In-One ESS, Energy Storage Has Never Been So Easy

Hisen Power All-In-One ESS is the "Hybrid Inverter  + Lithium Battery" complete solution, and the perfect innovative solution for home energy storage you've been waiting for.

Our home energy storage systems not only have a sleek and minimalist design that blends perfectly into any home environment, but they also excel in technology, performance and installation. Customers can enjoy peace of mind while greatly reducing upfront installation costs and long-term maintenance.

We are committed to solving our customers' pain points and experiencing a new level of home energy storage with Hisen Power.

China All-in-One Energy Storage

Kick Back and Let Hisen Power Your Home

1. 200% PV Input

Max 10kw PV input. More PV means more power generation. Less investment and higher return.

200% pv input

2. Battery Awakening Function

Automatically wakes up the switched-off battery from the grid or PV. No after-sales service costs.

battery awaker function

3. Anti-Backflow Function

Monitor and Control accuracy 10W. Rapid power control in 100ms.

Anti-Backflow Function

4. Easy Installation

All-in-one design, plug and play. Only 3 steps, very easy to install.

all-in-one ess installation

5. 96V High Voltage Battery with Intelligent BMS

8000+cycles @80% DOD, higher efficiency than low voltage batteries.

all-in-one ess battery

6. Intelligent Monitoring Platform

Cloud online system via smartphone app or web with advanced monitoring platform.


7. IP65 Waterproof

Our energy storage systems are IP65 waterproof, ensuring their safety for installation in both indoor and outdoor environments.

energy storage system installation

All-In-One ESS Installation Video

Why Hisen Power

Hisen Power residential ess compare to other brands of residential ess in the market.

HisenpowerG BrandS BrandGR Brand
System Voltage (Vdc)580600550600
Battery Voltage (Vdc)75-40085-40042-5942-58
Operate Voltage (Vdc)100150120120
Short Circuit Current (A)18.75/18.7514/1416.5/16.517.2/17.2
MPPT Range (V)100-550125-550120-55090-520
Charging & Discharging Current602085100
Max. Output Off-Grid10kVA5kVA4kVA7kVA
DC Overload Capacity2150%200%160%
Dimension (mm)590x405x205476*464*180458*565*188333*505*249 

5 Years Warranty

Both the inverter and the battery have a warranty of up to 5 years, with the option of a longer warranty for a charge. During the warranty period, we offer repair and replacement services. We will work with our local service partners to provide after-sales service repair.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Energy Storage in China

Hisen Power is a leading energy storage manufacturer located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. Our team consists of a diverse group of professional talents. Top engineers from the world's leading solar inverter and battery companies make up 40% of our total workforce. We have provided OEM and ODM services for many well-known brands, and are especially good at designing all-in-one energy storage systems. Since launch, our products have been in high demand in the global market, setting us apart and helping many small customers grow into successful distributors.

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