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Your Smart Home Energy Storage System

Nowadays, Hisen is powering millions of home and business in over 83 countries. We are providing different types of energy storage solutions from residential to commercial, to help people reduce their electricity bills and provide environmental protection.

All-In-One ESS

Hisen Power's 5kW+10.1kWh all-in-one energy storage system is an ideal residential solution that is compact, lightweight and designed with the integration of hybrid inverters and lithium batteries to enhance the system's stability and energy conversion efficiency.

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  • High Performance
    High Performance

    200% PV over management and backup overload capacity

    Max. efficiency 97.3%, Battery efficiency 97%

    Load monitoring accuracy 10W, Battery discharging threshold 10W

  • High Reliability
    High Reliability

    UPS level redundant protection against backup load breakdown

    Three-level firmware and two-level hardware battery protection

    Multiple temperature monitoring, delicate thermal management

  • Smart Monitoring
    Smart Monitoring

    PV production forecast, load forecast

    Built-in electric power service, FCAS, VPP, etc.

    Online monitoring, online diagnosis, online service

  • User Friendly Setup
    User Friendly Setup

    Plug and play installation

    Internal EMS optimizes home energy supply automatically

    Light and compact with optimized heat dissipation design



HISEN is dedicated in advanced battery storage products and integrated energy storage solutions for residential customers. We are keen to provide efficient, low-cost, clean energy, in order to improve the reliability and resilience of the regional electric grid.HISEN targets at top brand and will make every effort to be one of the top international energy solution suppliers.

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